The 48/96 schedule is a progressive alternative to the traditional fire department schedules and has been growing rapidly in popularity and implementation across the United States.  Other large, busy fire departments have implemented this schedule and proven that the 48/96 is a viable and successful option.  One of the biggest contributing factors to the rapid spread of this schedule is the overwhelmingly high level of satisfaction associated with the firefighters who have switched to this schedule.    

In 2017, the Fort Worth Firefighters' Association Local 440 formed a 48/96 committee tasked with researching the many different aspects of this schedule.  This site was created by that committee in an effort to educate firefighters about the 48/96 so that we could all make a well informed decision as to whether or not we would like to participate in a 48/96 trial period.  This site is not meant to persuade an individual for or against a trial period, but rather to provide factual information.

In June 2018, the FWFD membership voted against a trial period.