The best source of information and greatest testament to the 48/96 schedule comes from those who actually work the schedule.  There are over two hundred fire departments currently working the 48/96. 

We have provided a list of the largest departments who provide protection to at least 200,000 people or more, as well as the local departments located within Texas and Oklahoma.  We have also provided links to a comparison chart which compares the stats of the FWFD to those of the most comparable departments in size and/or call volume, survey results provided by the Oakland Fire Department Local 55, and a partial list of 48/96 departments. 


 Albuquerque, NM

San Jose, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Orange County, CA

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Metro, CA  (Sacramento County)

* Fresno, CA

**Minneapolis, MN - Modified 48/96 schedule

* Stockton, CA 

Alameda County, CA

Contra Costa County, CA

West Metro, CO  (Jefferson County/unincorporated areas of Denver)

* Boise, ID

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake Unified Fire Authority, UT  (Salt Lake County)

Santa Clara County, CA

Reno, NV

* Oakland, CA – Currently implementing the trial

*** San Bernardino City, CA - Now part of San Bernardino County Fire Department

*** San Bernardino County, CA - Tried the 48-96 and switched back to original schedule

* Denotes that the department switched from a 24/48 schedule

** Minneapolis Fire Dept. works a modified 48/96 schedule.  C shift works the 48/96, but the A/B shifts work 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 72 off.  They have done this since '01. 

*** San Bernardino County Fire Dept. is the only fire department that participated in a 48/96 trial period and voted to go back to their original schedule.  According to members of their department, the problem with the 48/96 schedule was that it provided them with less time off than their original modified Kelley schedule known as the 4-4-6 schedule.  As you can see, the 4-4-6 provides a period of 6 days off every 18 days.  After switching to the 48-96, firefighters had no problem working the 48 hour shifts, but they disliked losing their six day off periods.  However, some of the outlying stations did remain on the 48/96 because of the longer commutes.

San Bernardino City Fire Dept. worked the 48/96 schedule for several years with very high satisfaction.  In 2016, the San Bernardino County Fire Dept. took over the city fire department, and the city firefighters were forced into working the county's 4-4-6 schedule.

In an effort to find a common ground, one of their firefighters has invented a new schedule known as the 4-4-8 schedule (xxooxxooooxxooxxoooooooo).  Interestingly, this schedule also requires firefighters to work 48 hour shifts each time they go to work.  The 1,017 member department will begin this schedule on March 19, 2018, but their outlying stations will remain on the 48/96.   


Haltom City


Trophy Club



Sugar Land

Missouri City





Stillwater, OK

Hurst - Planning to implement trial early '19

Irving - Currently researching it

Abilene - Currently researching it

Grapevine - Currently researching it

Richardson - Currently researching it